10 Life Lessons (or excuses) From Disney

Thanks Walt, that was exactly what I needed to hear to excuse my dramatic behaviour.

  1. Just because Cinderella could clean doesn’t mean she should. This is very much similar to me. Whilst I can wack out the hoover and dust the shelves I do not want to and probably will not until the dust bunnies form an army and start singing on my windowsill. Even then i’ll probably just embrace it, just like Cinderella did when she had that mouse infestation. It’s high time Prince Charming was introduced to the mystical liquid of fairies and a sponge anyway, those dishes won’t do themselves. cba82f39348c05bc3bee3b69f96bcb2b
  2.  Sometimes when you literally can not deal anymore, just do a runner. Elsa did it and that all worked out in the end. Let it Go, build a castle, put on a pretty dress and let your hair down. Nothing ever got sorted with a hot headed female going on a rampage.



  3. When Peter Pan was childish no one told him to ‘grow up’ thus making every temper tantrum perfectly justified. phqy6
  4. When Sleeping Beauty had a lie in no one had a go. So tell your alarm to do one and hope a handsome Prince takes over its job.


    Not getting up, not even for you Phillip

  5. Uni deadlines, flat’s a mess, have no clean washing… HAKUNA MA BLOODY TATA!hakuna-matata
  6. If your mam and dad said no, do it anyway! When King Triton told Ariel to stay away from the humans, she sprouted a pair of legs and strutted on towards them meeting the love of her life and father of her daughter. You can’t say it didn’t work out for the girl.tumblr_n0ouq0wfs51tp45cto1_500
  7. Patience is a virtue, though how Snow White didn’t boot Grumpy in the face I will never know. Jesus lighten up mate.


    praying for patience and the will to live… Amen

  8.  Just Keep Swimming… away from your problems and towards the House of Fraser shoe sale. Just_keep_swimming_dory.gif
  9. Even if you’ve been a total pain in everyones ass Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. Although try to limit being a pain, don’t want them going from Lilo’s sister to Cinderella’s because you stubbed your toe and took it out on them.tumblr_mch0g3cj0k1qm2s94o1_500
  10. There is nothing like a nice new dress. Ask just about any of them, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. When boys are mean, new dress. When your step sister’s a bitch, new dress. When you’ve woken up from a nap… you guessed it. NEW DRESS.tumblr_mc28h8wwre1r7qhgoo1_500

Just don’t try and tie your hair with a ribbon…




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