Another Classic Cat Fight


As I browsed the Daily Post, I came across the phrase ‘Copy Cat’ and instantly the clogs in my head began to turn and I was reminded of something I’d written about a year ago. This was what first got me thinking of and enjoying writing. It was something for my A-levels but the ‘Copy Cat’ challenge got me thinking again, of its relevance.

So, now I pose the question, why do we ‘copy’ the cruelness modelled to us by the media?

Ladies, It’s time to put the claws away

When I was six, my hair was massacred by an evil six year old with hair far less fabulous than mine after mine was complimented by the playground hunk. With one swift snip of the scissors my luscious locks were gone and that first experience of girl on girl crime has lead me to suspect that girls hate girls.

All over the world girls put down other girls and gossip maliciously behind each other’s back yet no one knows why? Why does it matter to you that Suzie’s put on weight or that Sally’s belt doesn’t (in your opinion) match her bag that’s so last season anyway? I’ll tell you why. You read keyboard warriors (more commonly known as journalists) trashing female celebrities and you decided to mimic it. Outrageously when Brittney went bald, depression was the side story compared to the new hairstyle and when Kendall stepped out to make it on her own in fashion week she was described as ‘horribly thin’. It is any wonder we girls fight like cat and dog?

According to Lakoff a FEMALE gender theorist, women speak less frequently than men. Well that seems pretty much impossible as if I had a pound for all the girly gossip I’d heard in my time, well I’d be set for life. However, Lakoff did hit the nail on the head when she said women use a lot of wh-imperatives. This basically means instead of telling you to do something like wear a dress they think makes your bum look big they’ll manipulate you into thinking that you want to wear that dress .  It goes as follows: Suzie will say casually to her friend Sally ‘why don’t you wear that dress?’  And Sally will wear it because it wasn’t a command but a suggestion and according to another theorist Deborah Tannen we girls support conversation so of course Sally won’t want the confrontation. So she’ll wear the dress and in a few hours time she’ll cry because that boy paid her no attention. But of course it’ll be her fault for choosing the wrong dress. That simple wh-imperative twists the whole situation and that’s how us girls are sneaky. Like they said on Mean Girls, in girl world, all the fighting had to be sneaky. So on that note, don’t forget to check whether that girl-friend of yours didn’t also have her eye on that boy. We may be evil but we certainly aren’t motiveless!

Yet is it any wonder us girls are that way inclined? We grew up surrounded by who wore it better columns and reports in magazines about what a disaster a certain celebrity’s gown was at the latest pretentious ball? Has it now become such a regular part of our surroundings that we can’t even tame the desire to socially annihilate another female to make ourselves feel better? Take the girl that cut my hair as an example, if my Rapuzel-chic hair didn’t pose a threat to her boyish bob, would she have ever cut it? Why couldn’t she compliment it so in turn I could compliment her exquisite strawberry shortcake shoes? Does the media pinning girls against each other effect girls as young as six? Is even the playground turning into a war-zone?

Why can’t we as adults decide to support one another? Is it in our DNA, survival of the fittest? In order to feel good about ourselves do we need to make the nearest girl feel bad? Idle gossip has filled the endless hours of ‘coffee and catch up’ but how much of it can we honestly say we’d like another girl to hear? Not too much I bet.

But remember girls, what Suzie says of Sally says more of Suzie than it does of Sally.

Don’t judge me… I was one year younger and one year foolisher?

Ok, so lingustic chit chat aside, and ignoring the fact I may have completely ‘over egged the pudding’ with clichés, I still relate to some of this stuff a year on. Why do we girls feel the need to gossip. Do we subconsciously draw some sort of evil inspiration from what we read?

Any thoughts?


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