10 secrets of a student


In every social group there are those things that we all do but we don’t admit we all do them because really no one should do them. So behind the mask of a blog I’m going to admit them.

  1. Don’t lie, you haven’t washed your hair since Friday night either. You hit the town on Saturday and are probably still roc41ylSGrUIvL._SY300_.jpgking the curls. Oh my hair looks nice does it, thank Batiste because you could actually fry chips in it but never the less, thanks
  2. You can do anything from drop £200 in twenty minutes to making a fiver last you all week. Lord praise the Bank of Mam because without there is no way you’d have the money to even get to sixth form let alone actually have a social life.
  3. You stress about stress before you even have a reason to be stressed. Then if by chance you have a stress free week you’re already up such a hight that your stressed anyway.
  4. Sometimes you have so much on your plate the smallest thing pushes you over the edge and before you know it you’re crying because you burnt your toast.giphy.gif
  5. Then sometimes you just generally have too much on your plate…And you’re still hungry but it’s an unwritten rule that every revision mind map or flash card created must be accompanied by a revision snack. It’s just a must.
  6. You hate your part time job. The customers deserve a slap, the pay is horrendous and you’d probably rather be at school.
  7. You spend all your frees bored and all your lessons wishing you were on a free. It’s like some sort of curse.
  8. You get up half an hour before your bus comes and haven’t showered on a morning since you were in secondary school. Night time showers are what it’s all about. Oh and Dove, lots and lots of Dove deodorant.
  9.  You’ve drank supermarkets own Vodka more tumblr_n1aat28M7p1tttt3ho1_500.giftimes than you care to admit. I mean i’d need to take out my student loan early if I was going to party with Grey Goose every time or even Smirnoff for that matter…
  10. You’re stuck between hating your life that basically consists of school and your job and then relishing in the fact you have no adult responsibilities, live at home and that your mam still washes and irons all your clothes.

Anyone else?



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