Sixth form and the tremendous trauma inflicted

As you can tell from the title of my blog, I’m a little prone to the amateur dramatics so bear with me on this one…

I remember being stood listening to yet another talk from yet another teacher about how the jump from GCSE to A-Level was incredibly difficult and that we shouldn’t under estimate it and blah blah blah. Little did I know just how serious they were and I found myself bombarded with essays from pretty much day one. Now in year 13 I realise they were 100% serious about that jump and shock we all under estimated it. But workload aside there are some other things that makes sixth form just unbearable.

Firstly,and possibly the most annoying thing has to be those who have that ‘been there done that’ attitude. Yep, we all realise you’ve done your A-Levels but thanks for reminding me again Miss. This isn’t X-Factor and we do not need to compare sob stories. Stress is stress and it is not a competition of who feels the most stress. But now you mention  it, i’d wipe the floor with you. I have a mock exam next period.

Actually maybe that isn’t the most annoying thing. Maybe it’s that at age 18 in 27 days (yes, I did feel it necessary to add the 27 days) I’m not over the moon with the fact I still get Tuesday night detentions like I did when I was 12.  The sixth form I go to was also my secondary school so I’m currently in my 7th year and there is something oh so infuriating about wandering the halls and seeing the same teacher that once told you off for wearing too much dream matte mousse and miss sixty mascara. So if you take anything from this post let it be that the ‘your an adult and we’ll treat you like one’ myth is just that. A myth. So if you haven’t done your homework you should still feel the fear you felt all those years ago. Actually, you should fear more. They WILL play the Uni card. So do yourself a favour and run like billy-O.

Then we have the debate as old as time. The uniform debate. At my sixth form we don’t have one but in typical teenager style I have a few issues with that. After spending five years complaining about the clip on ties making me look like a ‘swat’ and the skirts being too long oh and not to forget the endless For and Against pieces I wrote in key stage three English on this very subject. I finally have the freedom to wear what I want within the office wear reason. However this is slightly more difficult than you’d first think. I have to pick out an outfit to wear EVERY DAY. I know terrible isn’t it! What makes it worse, is it’s the same people everyday as well so even if your mam washes that top super fast you can’t wear it just yet because then you run the risk of someone thinking that’s all you own. Ladies, cast your minds back to poor Lizzie Mcguire at graduation…



Lizzie didn’t even see it coming.

I try not to forget the academic side of sixth form but with all these other factors it’s no wonder we’re all exhausted. That is until about 3:30 when it’s time to binge watch all 6 seasons of Sex and the City and put the whole thing into perspective. We only put up with this shit for a shoe collection like Carrie’s one day.






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